Month: September 2013

Learning how to Play Chess in Year 1


Our Y1 pupils have been busy learning how to play chess.  The intensive 2 week programme is coming to an end but they will continue to practise once a week to consolidate their skills and knowledge.  We are looking forward to holding a Chess Challenge at the end of term!

Chess is a great game! Which other board games do you enjoy playing?

Steve Cole Visits Caxton College



All children and teachers in KS2 enjoyed a preformance from the visiting Author, Steve Cole. He woke us all up on a Monday morning with some brilliant stories and a very funny impression of Spiderman!

Let us know what you liked best about the performance.

Year 6 Beach Trip


P1050185 photo (1) photo (3) P1050210

Year 6 had a fantastic time at Puçol beach this week.

They created some beautiful sculptures in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.

Can anyone from Y6 give us three ‘wow’ words to describe the trip?

What do you know about Andy Goldsworthy?

Mysterious Island


What is this island that we have created? Where could it be? Does anyone live there? What are the island’s physical features like? Does it have an abundance of wildlife?

Let me know your ideas. Remember, there are no wrong answers, because we are creating the island.

Thanks Mr Fraser

First Purple Form!


Congratulations to Miguel Ángel from Y4A who has been given the first purple form of the year!

What a great start!

Welcome To Year 6D

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Photo 10-09-13 10 29 51

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Y6D class blog. Above is a photo of a mask we have in the class. I would like  you to post your ideas about:

What could it be?

What might it be used for?

Where is it from?

Why have I put it on our wall?

Or any other ideas.

Whoever writes the most interesting ideas can name the mask. Make sure you use correct English please.

Thanks Mr Fraser

Name the Cow!



The Caxton Cow was born in Fallas 2013 and she is desperate for a name. This is a call for help to all children and families to decide what to call her. Please think hard and blog your idea here. We will announce her name in our September Newsletter.

Learning Teachers

eIMG_9971 copy eIMG_9981 copy

All Primary teachers and assistants took part in a busy, productive and fun day in phase two of the Talk for Writing training. Teachers are looking forward to trying out the new actions and ideas that they learnt.

Our favourite was the action and sound effect for underlining  a title. Now there won’t be any excuses for forgetting to do it!

Welcome Back Teachers!

Primary Teachers 2013

Well done to all Primary Staff for making it through a very busy first week. Good luck for the new school year.

Caxton College British School