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The Caxton Cow was born in Fallas 2013 and she is desperate for a name. This is a call for help to all children and families to decide what to call her. Please think hard and blog your idea here. We will announce her name in our September Newsletter.


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Welcome To Year 6D


  1. Clara

    I think that a perfect name for the cow is Rony.

  2. Gonzalo E.

    I thinck that the best name for the cow is Milka , because she is so sweet……

  3. Lucia Ch

    I would like to name the cow Milka like the chocolate cow

  4. Hugo B 6D

    Hi everyone, I Think its a good name for the cow its:Rossie.

  5. Rocío 5d

    I want to put to the cows name boby because si a funny name
    And good bye welcome to caxton college!!!

  6. María P. 6D

    A possible name for the cow could be Mrs Milk

  7. Check out the list of names for the cow that we have received from Year 1D:
    Cowie, Bella, Peachy, Mimi, Suzie, Min, Elena, Melissa and Mella.
    How cute! Do you like any of these? Would you like to send us your own suggestion?

  8. Miss Compton

    After voting 6A thinks the cow should be called Milka, Mike or Mary!

  9. Nicole's mum, Nursery B

    We think that a very funny name for the cow is Lucera, and very typical spanish too ;-)))

  10. Inés P. Y6B

    I think a good name for the cow is Spotty!

  11. Lucas P. Y3D

    I think her name is Violet.

  12. Julia O. Y2C

    I think that a very good name could be Margarita.


  13. Mery P. Y4A

    I think ¡Sam! Will be a brillante name

  14. The name we have chosen is Florencia, because is friendly and sympathetic plus reminds to a big person.

  15. Lucia´s mum, Nursery D


  16. Clara 6D

    I think that another perfect name for the cow could be Sishy.

  17. I think a good name for the cow is shady.

  18. Check out the list we have received from Year 1A! Thank you very much Mr Agudelo!

    These are the names the children came up with for the cow: Carolina, Nuria, Amparo, Sara, Rosa, Marta, Ana/Anita, Olivia, Luli, Milkshake, Candela and Magnolia. Let’s see if one of these gets chosen.Thank you.

  19. Fer and Quico from year 1 and reception like COWY and CAXTY

  20. Some funny names from Year 2D. Thank you Ms Fraser!

    My class’s suggestions are: Catalina, Pinky, Blackly, Bob!, Milky, Godly, Flora, Lola, Pink panther!, Spotty. Good luck choosing!

  21. Hugh Primary Office

    I like the name “Bessie”. Bessie the cow sounds good!

  22. Álvaro M. Y1A

    I like the name “Belly”

  23. Irina Y2B

    In my opinión the best name for the cow is: DOTS

  24. Have a look at the list we have received from Year 1B:
    Cowabella,Cow star, Whisky, Happy, Spider, Olly, Yummy, Flower, Miss Linda, Daisy, Blackey and Cow football!
    Lovely! Thank you, Ms Amanda!!

  25. Diego Y3C

    A Good name could be CAXTIN…..

  26. Cameron W. Re A

    I would like the cow to be called ‘Hulk chica’ because she is as strong as HULK.

  27. Hristo Y6D

    A good name can be milka,poppy,petal,princess,mary, rosey,caxton collage cow,lola

  28. Jose Maria D 6d

    I think a good name for de cow is chema

  29. Nacho 6D

    A really good name for the cow is ……. Goofie

  30. Emma W. Nu C

    “Pepica the cow” sounds nice, I love it!

  31. In honour of our Happy Day , Nursery A came up with the name…… Miss Happy Moo! :o)

  32. Sara 1D

    I like Lila the cow!

  33. Rebeca 3A

    I would like the cow to be named ‘Betty’ please.

  34. Estelita

    In nursery D we have decided that the cow should be call “OREO”

  35. Isabelle 6C

    I think her first name should be “Maggie” and her surname should be “Fondoo”!

  36. Enrique B. Y5C

    I think it should be named bombo please

  37. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful and inventive names for our cow. Her new name will be announced in the Newsletter next week!

  38. See our new post if you want to know her name…

  39. rocio 5d

    Thank you for the purple form.
    I saw the cow in halloween and the dress was very cool.

  40. Rocío 5d

    How old is cowbella????

  41. Rocío 5d

    Jajajajajajaja very funny

  42. Rocío 5d

    I really liked today’s assembly.
    This blog is getting more and more comments!

  43. Jesús 6b

    The cow is really cool

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