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Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Y6D class blog. Above is a photo of a mask we have in the class. I would like  you to post your ideas about:

What could it be?

What might it be used for?

Where is it from?

Why have I put it on our wall?

Or any other ideas.

Whoever writes the most interesting ideas can name the mask. Make sure you use correct English please.

Thanks Mr Fraser


Name the Cow!


First Purple Form!


  1. Maria P.

    Maybe they used it to scare enemies. Mr Fraser could have put it in the wall to terrorize us when we entered in the classroom! It has the shape of a chimpanzee and an colossal elephant. It could be from the gigantic Amazonia from the little tribes that are in all the jungle.

  2. Gonzalo

    its very funny and interesting.

  3. Gonzalo

    it is from Indonesia or India.

  4. Jacobo M

    Hi I’m Jacobo and I’m going to talk you about the mask.The mask is a Mayan simbol that means reveng, it’s also used to scare the diabolic spirits. The mask is from Mexico.you have it on the wall to make the class have good humor and to motivate ourselfes.
    The mask is made of horse’s tail shark tooth and human tooth,The interior is like cocoa’s inside.I hope you enjoyed my opinion.

  5. Hi Class. Don’t forget to bring your iPads in fully charged tomorrow. I hope you are all looking forward to using them in the classroom. I am!

    Thanks Mr Fraser

  6. Alvaro

    This interesting mask was used in the olden days in Tahiti islands.It was the god of war and revenge when they attacked many tribes.It was made of painted wood anaconda tooth and horse tail for its hair.It is in our wall to frighten us and don’t move a muscle or talk.So don’t talk or move any muscle this mask is going to do something you don’t want it to happen!!! I hope you enjoyed my opinion.

  7. Gonzalo E.

    “Help , what we need to do whith the i pads !”

  8. Gonzalo E.

    Hello i want to asck you if can download io7 that is a knew operative sistem for the ipad 2 3 4 and mini .

  9. We can talk about this in class.
    Thanks Mr Fraser

  10. Nacho S

    I think the , monster of the ballooni head and the ears of an elephant has came to the world 200 years a go in great eruption of the massive volcano of Indonesia .Indonesia thinks that he was born on eruption of the volcano could won all the wars. To get the monster go with Indonesia in the wars they treat him like if he was the king and he says something they will do it. The country of Indonesia give the monster all what he wanted to get , food , water etc .The countries all over the world where always being in war with Indonesia because they wanted to beat the monster.

  11. Jose Maria D

    Hello class with the ipads we have a lot of advantage, what a good idea.

  12. Gonzalo E.

    scary mask , perfect for halloween .

  13. Javi

    It is very cool and funny and they are singing an inventided song of micro-organism. And also we are learning about micro-organisms in science.

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