Mysterious Island


What is this island that we have created? Where could it be? Does anyone live there? What are the island’s physical features like? Does it have an abundance of wildlife?

Let me know your ideas. Remember, there are no wrong answers, because we are creating the island.

Thanks Mr Fraser


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  1. Maria P

    The island could be a desert island. It is in the Pacific Ocean at the south of Hawaii islands near South America. Nobody lives there except some wild animals such as lots of slithery snakes, starving wolfs, beautiful deer etc. Ancient Mayan tribes could have been living in the island milions of years ago.

  2. Clara

    I think that the mysterious island’s name is The Lost Island. It is located near the Amazons and it is a tropical island. Cannibals live in The Lost Island. There is a huge volcano just in the middle of the island. There are carnivorous plants all around the place and colossal trees aswell.

  3. Fantastic comments Clara and Maria P. Great description used.

    Thanks Mr Fraser

  4. Rodrigo

    The island of 6D is going to be precious and has lots of variety.I liked Clara’s idea of the
    ” The Lost Island”.I think it will all join together perfectly 🌊.

  5. Gonzalo E.

    nice photo , of the island but we have put more things in the island .

  6. Gonzalo E.

    I like all the detail on our island . However , I think We could add even more .

  7. Maria O

    Mr Fraser can you add more things to our blog please.

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