Year 6 Beach Trip


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Year 6 had a fantastic time at Puçol beach this week.

They created some beautiful sculptures in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.

Can anyone from Y6 give us three ‘wow’ words to describe the trip?

What do you know about Andy Goldsworthy?


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  1. Inés Y6B

    We had a woderful experience at the beach. We all had a fantastic time.
    It has been very motivating,and the landscape was marvelous.The view was dazzling and divine.
    Andy Goldsworthy is a British sculptor and before he was a photographer.He does land art and he is Scottish like Miss Stenhouse!

    • Wow Ines, sounds like you had a superb time at the beach. Thanks so much for sharing some fantastic WOW words. Andy Goldsworthy was born and grew up in England but he is now living and working in Scotland. He must love the rain!

  2. Maria P 6D

    It was marvelous I had an incredible experience at the fantastic beach. The thing I loved more was the gigantic sea it was really beautiful.

  3. Salva A 5D

    Nice shapes year6!

  4. Rocío 6d rep

    Nice !!!

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