Steve Cole Visits Caxton College



All children and teachers in KS2 enjoyed a preformance from the visiting Author, Steve Cole. He woke us all up on a Monday morning with some brilliant stories and a very funny impression of Spiderman!

Let us know what you liked best about the performance.


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  1. Exciting news!! We managed to get 6 signed books for the library.

  2. Gonzalo E.

    I like it a lot it was very funny and it have lot of imagination , i like it a lot .

  3. Catalina 6C

    I had lots of fun, he was very funy!😄

  4. Clara 6D

    I loved it!!!!!! It really was very funny

  5. Ms Coleto

    ¡Qué divertida fue la presentación de Steve Cole! Lo pasé genial. Así sí dan ganas de hacerse escritor.

  6. Salva A 5D

    I had a great time with Steve, he was really funny

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