Carnavico Island

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So, our island is in the Mediterranean sea and is currently uninhabited. Or so we think…

Why do you think the residents had to be evacuated?

How would you have felt if you were forced to leave your home? Maybe the only home you had ever known?

What could have happened on the island since it was abandoned in 1975?



Sports Day!!


Introducing Cowabella!


  1. Nacho

    It’s fantastic Mr Fraser, I think is taller than the Himalayas.

  2. Claudia

    The Island is looking fantastic in the photo.

  3. Clara 6D

    I would feel terrible and miserable because I love my house.

  4. Ismael

    It’s a great piece of work, I would feel depressed knowing we are leaving our home we always loved.

  5. Maria P

    I would feel terrible and really miserable.If I never left the island before it really will be difficult to leave the precious island and go to a horrible,disgusting,terrible isolation camp.

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