Sports Day!!

Phew! The rain stayed away for our Sports Day. Everyone had lots of fun and you earned many points for your House.  I’d love to know what your favourite Sports Day activity was…


Learning how to Play Chess in Year 1


Carnavico Island


  1. Ms Coleto

    Me lo estoy pasando fenomenal en el Sportsday. Sobre todo porque los alumnos de yr6 están siendo muy organizados y están teniendo una actitud estupenda.
    Soy árbitro y no es un trabajo fácil. Pero todos estáis respetando muy bien las decisiones que tomamos. Eso sí es actitud deportiva y fair play.

  2. Clara 6D

    I really liked dports day!!!!! My favourite game was cazacampo. It was fun!!!

  3. Maria O Y6D

    I enjoy a lot Sport day it was really fun!!!
    I thought it was going to rain.

  4. Rocío 5d

    When they are going to say who win in sports day???

  5. Salva A 5D

    I had a very nice time at sports day!
    The rain didn’t catch us…

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