Happy Playground Campaign

Our Y6 REPs have already launched the Happy Playground Campaign and have been completing a survey in Y3 to 6 during playtimes in to find out pupils’ views. They are investigating what pupils like to play and what other games they would like to see introduced on the playground. They are also collecting ideas for games that the PE department can play with pupils at lunchtimes.
We will talk about the campaign with pupils from Y3 to 6 in our SEAL assemblies on Friday 25th October.
The REPs are also investigating issues that may arise on the playground to help us eradicate these and make playtimes even happier for everyone.
We would love families to participate on the blog by discussing the following questions at home with children…
What do you like to do at playtime?
What new games would you like to see introduced?
Thank you in advance for your ideas. We will share the results and the outcome in our November Newsletter.


Introducing Cowabella!


Impressive recorder playing in Year 6


  1. Kylee 6a

    Hear are some chants for the skipping rope: Lemon Lime
    On time
    Singing 1, 2 (jumper hops out)
    3, 4, (2nd jumper jumps just 2x & then hops out etc.)
    5, 6,

  2. Kylee 6a

    Hears another one:I had a little puppy.
    His name was Tiny Tim.
    I put him in the bathtub,
    To see if he could swim.
    He drank up all the water.
    He ate a bar of soap.
    The next thing you know,
    He had a bubble in his throat.
    In came the doctor
    (person jumps in).
    In came the nurse
    ( person jumps in).
    In came the lady
    With the alligator purse
    (person jumps in).
    Out went the doctor person jumps out).
    Out went the nurse
    (person jumps out).
    Out went the lady
    With the alligator purse

  3. Inés Y6B

    I am a REP and I am really happy about the new equitment in the playground. I have being playing a few days ago with a balloon and I had a great time. It may be scary when it goes BOOM !!
    I am waiting to see all the great ideas for the campaign. This term I hope we are going to make the playground a better place.

    • We are also very excited about the new playground equipment and of course our Y6 playground helpers. Let’s see how this week goes and we can discuss things at our next meeting. You are all doing a great job! Thanks

  4. Kylee 6a

    This is what you need to put in Google: Jump Rope rhymes and songs for kids.

  5. Carlota6B

    I enjoed playing with the ballon aswell and I had a great time!!!

  6. Kylee 6a

    I love all the new equipment.

  7. Salva A 5D

    This new equipment is great!!
    I love it, it is so much fun…

  8. Salva A 5D

    My favorite,
    the catchers!!!!!!!!

  9. Nadia 6c

    I’ve tried the new equipment.it’s fantastic!
    The school is making a great effort for us to play happily in the playground.
    Thank you!

  10. Maria O 6D

    All the new things are fantastic but something’s you need to be quick because
    everybody wants them.

  11. Maria O

    Thank you.

  12. Maria P y6D

    I love all the playground equipment it is all fun!!! I really like the things you can aim in a little cone!!! It is all fantastic I just love it!!!

  13. Maria P y6D

    The new balloons are great but be careful!!! BOOM!!!

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