Reception Story Telling

Listen here to the children in Reception tell the story of Elmer in assembly using the Talk for Writing actions! Well done everyone!



Lucía Year 4A


Super mosaic!


  1. Marta (Vice Principal)

    ¡¡¡Está genial!!!
    Enhorabuena al equipo de profesoras y a todos los alumnos por lo mucho que han progresado con su inglés.

  2. Rocío 5d

    I know that I’m a little bit old to see this Story but I love this story
    They do it as well as a real writer of story’s 👍👍

  3. Salva A 5D

    Wonderful reception!!

  4. Maria O

    Is’s very good and it’s made carefully

  5. Carlitos A

    They are so little and funny!!

  6. Lucia 6c

    The really have tried hard! 😄😃😀

  7. Maria O

    They did it vey well and tried hard I enjoyed the little but fantastic
    They are trying really well.

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