Super mosaic!

Carmen L

Carmen created this as part of the Ancient Rome topic in Y4B. What a
super mosaic!


Reception Story Telling


What a spooky but fun Halloween!


  1. Kylee 6a

    That mosaic is very beautiful. I don’t always have the patience for doing things like art.

    • It is beautiful Kylee. We found this really nice quote and thought about you: “Good ideas are not adopted automatically. They must be driven into practice with courageous patience.”-Hyman Rickover

  2. Rebeca Primary Office

    Such an amazing work, Carmen. You are an artist!!

  3. Rocío 5d

    I love Carmen’s mosaic it was very colorful 👍

  4. Maria P 6D

    It is incredible I love doing art but always I spoil my art!

  5. Maria O 6D

    It’s excellent you need Lots of patient but I really love doing art.😃

  6. Lucia 6c

    I really like your mosaic Carmen and I hope everybody tries their best in art !!!!!

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