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Wednesday was theme day on 4Square for Year 5 and 6 boys and teachers.
Miss Stenhouse showed off her outstanding skills, reaching square number four before being knocked out. Mr Fraser, Mr Feasey and Miss Sharman were also pretty good!


Perilous Power?


Pyjama Day in Year 1


  1. Mery4a

    Wow Miss Stenhouse did you win against year 5 and 6 boys?

  2. Good work!!!!!!👍

  3. Maria P Y6D

    WOW how did you reach number 4? I never get to number 4 with the year 6 boys!

  4. Lucia C 6C

    I think the idea of the thing of one day girl and one day boys makes it a special 4 square day!

  5. Rocio 6D rep

    WOW the teachers are amazing I remember

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