Bioparc Winners!

Bioparc competition

Well done to Gonzalo, Valentina and Inés, who were all prize winners in the 3rd Bioparc Drawing Competition.  They received an annual pass as their prize so we’re sure they are looking forward to many more visits.  What is your favourite animal in the Bioparc?


Daniela and The Gruffalo


The Little Red Hen! 


  1. Carlota 6B

    ALL jaja

  2. Fernando 5A

    The pictures are amazing

  3. Yaiza 6d

    I love the pictures,they are so beautiful!!

  4. María O y6d

    The gorillas and the giraffe.
    The gorilla at the Biopark are very funny.

  5. María O y6d

    The pictures are very,very good I could never draw so well.

  6. Carmen5B

    In the photo I saw the pictures and they are WONDERFUL they are soooo GOOD…🐶🐺🐮🐵🐒🐴🐑🐘🐼🐨🐯🐻🐧🐸🐰

  7. Carmen5B

    And it is good fun to go in the bioparc is wonderful. Sometimes on Saturday, Sunday or days that are holidays I wake up early and go (sometimes …)😊😊😊😊

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