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Hi everyone,
What do you think about our new topic? Why don’t you share your favourite films and why you like them with us? Remember to check your English before posting please!


The Little Red Hen! 


Are You Being Safe Online?


  1. Nacho 6D

    This new topic is is very interesting!!!!!!!
    I’m sure that we are going to have a lot of fun!!!!!

    • Thanks Rodrigo – great iPad work. Think about the title on the ‘Look-a-like’ slide.
      Have a couple of Dojo points!

    • I’m sure too. Hopefully, we are going to make some fantastic films with our iPads as well has have lots of fun! I can’t wait for the ‘Oscars’ awards at the end of the topic!

  2. Yaiza

    I don’t have any favorite film. I like all of them.

  3. Carlitos A

    So cool!

  4. Inés P. Yr.6B

    I love the film “Some like it Hot”
    It’s amazing and very funny!😂

  5. Claudia

    My favorite film is “Dando la nota” because it is about singing and dancing and I like those films.

  6. Clara Y-6D

    I love too many films!! One that I really like is Little Miss Sunshine, it is funny and interesting, a little sad at the end but interesting!

  7. Maria P

    I love all funny movies and I don’t like horror movies. The one that we are what watching now (The great dictator) is incredibly funny.

  8. Ismael

    My favorite movie is G.I J.OE. and Hansel and Gretel because I love action, comedy, movies with some surprising bits that will scare and make the audience laugh.

  9. My favorite film is ” Moondance Alexander ” . I like it because , how not, it is about a girl and a horse .

  10. Hristo

    I don’t really have a favourite film, but my favourite type of film is comedy because they are the most fun and exciting.

  11. Ismael

    My favorite movie is G.I J.OE. and Hansel and Gretel because I love action, comedy, movies with some surprising bits that will scare and make the audience laugh.

  12. Hugo

    My favourite films are “The nutty professor and crystal jungle” they are amazing because in the two films the effects are impressive and Eddie Murphy and Bruce Willis are great actors.

  13. Rodrigo

    My favorite film is Iron Man3 because it is very robotic and futuristic.

  14. Carlos G😃

    A love adventure films because the active parts are very funny.

  15. Carlitos A

    Mostly, I like the comedy and action films because they are the most interesting and funny films.

  16. Gonzalo E.

    I like Harry Potter , because it transports you to a magical world . I can identify with the film . Because you can do everything .

  17. Alvaro p y6d

    I love this topic ,because I’m not shy to act in front of a huge or a normal crowd,I can’t wait for the oscars.My favorite film is Forrest Gump because it’s super funny,I laughed my guts out!!! It is certainly my favorite.

  18. Sergio.p.

    My favorite film is ‘lluvia de albondigas 2’ because it is funny and interesting.

  19. Jacobo 6d

    I enjoyed ‘Paul’ because it was really funny!!I recommend this film to everyone who enjoys comedy movies however the film is a little bit inappropriated for kids.

  20. Borja

    I like all action films because you don’t know what is going to happen and if something is going to explode.

  21. María O

    I want to start with the oscars!
    I like funny films that I can see with all my family.

  22. Nacho "Gorilon"

    As a child I loved watching Mickey Mouse, but now that I am 10 I like Peppa Pig.
    Because Peppa Pig is very funny.

    • Alvaro p y6d

      I cant wait for the oscars! It’s going to be a fabulous time! This is going to absolutely amazing!

  23. Yaiza

    My favorite film is ’16 wish’s’ in Spanish is 16 deseos. I like it because it’s funny!!!

  24. Jose Maria

    I do not usually watch films, but the best film I have seen is the ‘life of walt street’ because it’s about comedy and it made me laugh.

  25. Helia

    I like the film ‘This is us’ and I like it because it is a documentary about the life of the guys of one direction.

  26. Javier (javielito) 6d

    I like the ‘Smurfs’ and ‘Acero Puro’, because they are very funny etc.

  27. María O y6d

    I liked Gru 2 because it was very funny.

  28. Yaiza

    I would like to win an oscar!!! 🏆🏆🏆🎦🎦🎦🎦❗️❗️❗️

  29. Yaiza

    Can you put more funny videos?

  30. Hi everyone – why don’t you try doing this weekends homework on Tellagami. I will post the best videos on this blog.
    Thanks Mr Fraser

  31. Yaiza

    Can you put the homework of the complex sentences in the blog please?

  32. Hi everyone,

    Have a look at these short videos from Clara and Maria P. Ismael is improving his work and I will post it in a few days.

    What do you think about them? What do you like or think could be improved?

    Do you think you could make something of a similar quality?

    Remember to carefully check your English before you post on here please! Happy blogging!!!

  33. Hi

    I’ve added an image to Showbie, that Claudia found, showing emotions. I know it isn’t really related to our topic – but it might be useful when you are making your movies in a week or so.

    Thanks Mr F

  34. Hi everyone,
    Here is Ismael’s improved version of his complex sentences work. I think he has done reaaly well. Let me know what you think about it please and maybe send me some of your improved work to Showbie then I can post it.

    Thanks Mr F

  35. Here’s a short video from Yaiza.

    Well done Yaiza.

    • Chema

      That’s the best Fallas poem that I’ve ever seen.Very good Yaiza.

    • Alvaro p y6d

      Amazing! Punchy sentences clap, clap, clap! You could improve by using onomatopoeia! Great.

  36. Gonzalo

    I would like to win an ‘Oscar’, because I have good ideas and I can be creative and edit well with iMovie .

  37. María O y6d

    Yaiza’s poem is fantastic because it has all the things
    that a poem needs.
    I like the titles.

  38. Kela

    This is my first comment on the blog, so I’m not quite sure how it works . I’m sure I will get better .

  39. Nacho

    All the poems are fantastic,with loads of onomatopoeia words,with similes,metaphors etc.

  40. María O y6d

    I would like to win an Oscar,because it would
    be very exciting to see every time you go to your room an Oscar
    You would remember that you won an Oscar.

  41. Borja

    I like a lot the movie and every one will like the IMovie from Ismael.

  42. Maria P

    Fantastic! Rodrigo, I love your Fallas poem, however you could do it with your own voice so the pronunciation would be be better. Or you could write it with the spell checker. But I like your onomatopoeia.

    • Hi everyone,
      I agree with Maria P. I think it will help with your pronunciation if you use your own voice, you could then compare it to the voice on the app (if you want to check it).
      Thanks Mr Fraser

  43. Here is Rodrigo’s first video before his improvements.

  44. Maria P

    Mr Fraser! I can’t open the link to see Clara’s video, it says it is private and doesn’t let me see it.

  45. Here is a cute advertisement I found on the internet. It’s not really related to this post – but fun anyway.

  46. María O y6d

    The small animal was so cute.
    I would love to have one at my house.
    It makes you want to give it a hug is so cute.


  47. Evie Wallhead

    Hi I’m Evie and I’m Mr Fraser’s neice. I live in England. I have been looking at your blog and it is very good.
    My favourite film is Frozen. I really like this film because it’s very adventurous and it’s also very funny.
    Have any of you seen this film? Did you like it?

    • Hi Evie,
      Wonderful to hear from you. I’m really glad you like our blog and thanks for the film recommendation. I haven’t seen it yet – but will watch it very soon. I wonder if some of the children in my class have seen it…
      Mr Fraser

    • Carlos G😃

      No,I have not seen it but my sisters say that it’s funny but sad,I don’t really prefer any film.
      Are you enjoying the blog?

    • Gonzalo E.

      Yes I have watched frozen, it’s very funny and interesting . With lots of good music .
      I think you have chosen a perfect film Evie .

  48. Maria P

    WOW! It is a really funny advertisement! I like it and the animal was very cute and sweet!

  49. Here are some of the winning films. I was so pleased with how you all worked in groups together – you were all fantastic (even if you didn’t win an award). Well done.

    Best Effects

    Best Film

    Best Film – Runner-up

  50. Here are the other groups’ films. Please post what you thought about the project, how we could improve it, what you learnt etc. Also, remember that your friends, parents etc can comment.
    Thanks Mr F

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