Are You Being Safe Online?

Safe Internet talk

Yesterday we celebrated ‘Safer Internet’ Day. Each set of Y6 REPS produced a Keynote or iMovie which were shared with the other year groups.  Y5 and Y6 pupils also attended a very informative talk from the ICT department.  What did you learn about keeping safe online?


Lights, Camera, Action!


We’re going on a Listening Walk


  1. Inés P. Yr.6B

    We all know now we have to be careful with the internet….don’t we?😕

  2. Carmen5B

    Hello I think I’m safe in internet …I don’t have Twitter and Facebook
    But I have got Internet but I ‘m careful …😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  3. Carlitos A

    Being safe on the internet is very very important because someone can do cyber bulling.

  4. Rocío 6d rep

    I was very, please BE CAREFUL WITH INTERNET

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