Fallas 2014

Fallera Mayor y Presidente  pablo y carla

  corte de honor Corte de Honor

Congratulations to Pablo G. and Carla M. for being elected as this year’s Presidente and Fallera Mayor chosen from a record number of pupils in the draw this year. We’re now looking forward to the preparations and celebrations!


We’re going on a Listening Walk


Books, Books, Books…


  1. María O y6d

    I hope they have fun at fallas.

  2. Yaiza y6d

    Congratulation! I hope you enjoy Fallas!!🔥🔥🔥😛😝

  3. María O y6d

    Last year I had so much fun.
    I want to be at the Corte de honor again!

  4. Carmen.5B.

    I Love dancing with People and my class in fallas…✨💫🌟🔥✨🌟💫💥💢💦💧💥

  5. Carmen

    And people that presented are my friends as well…🏫🏫🏫🏫🏢🏢🏢🏢

  6. Carmen5B

    Is lovely…💕💙❤️💓🌊👍🐬

  7. Mr Hugh Primary Office

    Many congratulations to Carla and Pablo! Have fun on the 14th!

  8. Maria P 6D

    Congratulations! I think being fallera mayor and presidente is a lovely experience. I hope you had fun! 🔥🔥💥💥🎆🎇♨️

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