Year 6 Oscars Ceremony

All the winners

All the winners

The runners up

The runners up and the proud Teachers

Congratulations to all nominees, runners up and, of course, winners in our first Annual Oscars ceremony! The standard of the films produced by Year 6 pupils was excellent with lots of original ideas, great acting, special effects and storyboards. We certainly have a lots of talent in Year 6!

Well done to everyone!



Science Trip To Secondary


Happy Easter Everyone!!


  1. Gonzalo E.

    It was very nice and funny

  2. Inés P. Yr.6B

    I loved the Oscar Ceremony it was very exciting!

  3. Maria P y6D

    I liked it my film only got nomineed but I enjoyed planning filming and editing our film, it was a great experience for every y6 pupil.

  4. María O y6d

    I had so much fun!
    I will love to do the oscar’s ceremony again.
    It was very fun to see everyone with their own clothes!

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