Getting Comfortable with a Book!

Caxton library

We love the new sofas in the Primary Library! What book are you reading at the moment?


Pirates in Caxton!


An Inspirational Visitor


  1. Gonzalo

    Interesting I think the same .

  2. Margaret, Library Administrator

    The children were surprised and excited about the new sofas we bought for them in the Primary Library. I think this will motivate them even more as they have their own reading corner and they can relax reading while they are waiting for the others to choose a book.

  3. Rocío 6D rep

    I want to go every day during playtime !!

    • You can go to the library during lunchtime and read. Ask your teacher for a library pass. Happy reading Rocio. What are you reading at the moment?

  4. Ofelia 6D

    I can only go on Mondays but at least I can go! Time goes flying!!!!!!!😜⏰⌚⏳😓

  5. Rocio 6D rep

    I’m going every day to read or to study

  6. Salva A 6D REP

    This is FANTASTIC! I have a great time with the new sofas and all the books, It really relaxes me to be there reading…

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