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Mr Posteguillo

A huge thank you to Mr Posteguillo for sharing his wide knowledge about the Roman Empire. The year 4 pupils asked a million questions and all of them were answered!

What interesting facts did you learn?


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  1. Lucas P. Y4D

    I learnt lots of things about the Romans. It was funny to know that the Formula 1 in the Roman days was called “cuadrigas”.

  2. Ofelia 6D

    That picture makes me remember my days in Y4. Is that man the person who appears in the app Caxton College Chronicles?

  3. Miss McNally 4C

    I didn’t know that there were female gladiators !

  4. Mrs S 4B

    Wow even girls were gladiators – I didn’t know that before

  5. Rocio 6D rep

    Looks if they have fun

  6. Blanca C 4B

    I learnt lots of things about the Romans and I had great time

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