Month: February 2015

Fallas is Approaching!

corte de honor  fallera mayor y presidente

Congratulations to this year’s Fallera Mayor, Natalia A. and Presidente, Quico C. and of course, their fantastic Corte de Honor.
What are you looking forward to most at Fallas?


Super selfie!

Ferran Pina

What an inspiring start to the week! Ferran Pina, journalist and TV presenter, spoke to our Year 6 pupils about the different roles and stages involved in making a film. Everyone has their team, chosen their film genre and are ready to get started. Looking forward to seeing the end results and of course attending the Oscars Ceremony!

Going for Goals


Think about the story we read to you in the SEAL assembly, ‘The Next Emperor’ and tell us your top 3 qualities or skills.
Which one do you think is the most important and why?

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