Welcome to my 1st challenge.

The objective is to get your Inquisitive Minds working.
Here are some answers – what could the questions be?

  • Snow
  • Orange
  • 27
  • Chocolate

Remember to be as creative as you can with your responses – I want you to think of as many unusual questions as you can!


Super 4S Lines




  1. Rebeca 5B

    What do snowmen eat for breakfast?
    If you mix red and yellow, what colour does it make?
    What is 15+15-3=?
    What’s Miss Stenhouse’s favourite kind of cake?

  2. Miss Çoleto

    ¿Qué hay en la cima del Everest?
    ¿Qué significa taronja?
    ¿Cuántos años cumplí yo en 1997?
    ¿De qué estaba hecha la casita a donde llegaron Hansel y Gretel?

  3. Javier 6B

    I love your answers Miss Coleto

  4. Óscar 6c

    What is Olaf (from frozen) made of?
    What is one of the most fruits grown in Valencia.
    What is 2+2+3+20?
    What type of factory does Charlie have?

  5. Belen6C

    What’s the enemy of sun?
    What grows near Caxton College?
    How many letters are there in the alphabet?
    What’s Charlie and the chocolate factory about?

  6. Carmen6c

    What do you need to make a snowman?
    What is the carrots colour?
    What is 12 + 30-16
    What is the name of the sweet brown type of cake?

  7. Lucia.P 6B

    Where do I ski with the skis?
    What colour is the sun when it starts to sets?
    What is 6✖️4+3?
    What is the most important ingredient o the brownie?

  8. Alejandra 6D

    What is your favorite kind of water?
    What is your friend`s favorite colour ?
    What is 19 plus 8 ?
    What is your favorite thing in the winter?

  9. Rodolfo 6D

    Rodolfo 6D

    What is the best material for skiing ?
    What is one of the most grown fruit in Valencia ?
    2×7=14×2=28-1= ?
    What yumy product makes WILLY WONKA BARS?

  10. Lucas P. Y5C

    What is the best material to make a snow man?

    What is breakfast juice made from?

    My biggest favorite numbers are 15 and 12, what do they make all together?

    What is my favorite ice cream?

  11. Ok, let’s see… I’m going to try to make them interesting.

    1. I fall down in winter – but I never get hurt.
    Each one of us is unique – however we all look the same to humans.
    I am like an angel’s dusting from the stars that covers the coldest parts of the Earth.
    What am I?

    2. What colour is the Guinean cock-of -the-rock?

    3. What is 3 cubed?

    4. What has every astronaut took into space?

    I hope you like them. If you don’t understand my answers – try to find out about them. Ask someone else or do some research! Find out how much was took into space, what is the orange thing with a strange name etc.

    Mr Fraser

    • Miss Çoleto

      They are great, Mr Fraser!!!!!! Is the last one true??? Chocolate???? Of course..ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja …

  12. Laura 6b

    What does water and ice make?
    What colour do you hate the most?
    How many chocolate bars did you eat?
    What is your favourite food?

  13. Victor 6D

    What is 5×5+2?
    What is the most important ingredient in school chocolate cake?
    What do you have to melt to get water?
    What is one of the most grown fruits in Valencia?

    Victor 6D

  14. Lucía 6C

    It is white and you can make a snowman with it?

    What is the typical fruit in Valencia?

    How many kids are in my class?

    It is brown and delicious?

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