Book Suggestions From Diego in Y6D


Here are some book recommendations from Diego. He absolutely loves reading – so I reckon they will be great picks. I will try to read a few during the Christmas holiday! Why don’t you try one?

Thanks Diego



Merry Christmas from the Library!


Wonderful Y5 Fund Raising

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  1. The Hobbit was my favourite book when I was a child. I can still vividly remember my Year 6 teacher (Ms Cain) reading it to my class for the final 20 minutes of the school day. I would be transported into a magical world in my mind. When I was a little younger, I loved my teacher reading the Faraway Tree books, by Enid Blyton, to us. Obviously, I adored all the Roald Dahl books, especially James and the Giant Peach. .

    One of my favourite films is How To Train Your Dragon and I’ve noticed that there is a book published now by Cressida Cowell. Maybe we could get that for the library.

    Of course, the Raymond Biggs book about a grumpy Santa is always good around Christmas time. I think Ms Jordan has the film version on DVD.

    Mr Fraser

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