Month: October 2016

Are you a Bucket Filler?


I hope you all enjoyed the SEAL assembly and have been busy filling lots of buckets. Remember bucket fillers are kind, considerate, and generous. We fill one another’s buckets daily by saying or doing kind things.  

We’d love to hear how you have filled someone’s bucket or had your bucket filled.


Hi everyone,

Have you seen Ms Little’s amazing interactive display? Following on from our SEALs assembly, we are looking for you to tell us about any instances when you have filled someones bucket or they have filled yours!

We will send some ‘post it’ notes to your teacher and you can add them to the wall, however please write them in class and not in the corridor. Alternatively, you can post any messages here.

Have a lovely weekend!


The brilliant Bs are the first classes to send us their sheets. A huge well done to Y4B, Y5B and Y6B!!! You filled our buckets reading about all the kind and considerate things you have been doing lately. Purple forms are coming your way…


Amazing Art in Y4!

Purple forms at 4 0’clock is our favourite time of the day, especially when we get to see some wonderful examples of your work. Here’s Jose Luis and Balma’s fantastically colourful artwork! What do you think about it?


World Smile Day at Caxton

What a fantastically smiley day!!! Hope you had a wonderful day. I will post a new video on Monday.

Caxton College British School