Are you a Bucket Filler?


I hope you all enjoyed the SEAL assembly and have been busy filling lots of buckets. Remember bucket fillers are kind, considerate, and generous. We fill one another’s buckets daily by saying or doing kind things.  

We’d love to hear how you have filled someone’s bucket or had your bucket filled.


Hi everyone,

Have you seen Ms Little’s amazing interactive display? Following on from our SEALs assembly, we are looking for you to tell us about any instances when you have filled someones bucket or they have filled yours!

We will send some ‘post it’ notes to your teacher and you can add them to the wall, however please write them in class and not in the corridor. Alternatively, you can post any messages here.

Have a lovely weekend!


The brilliant Bs are the first classes to send us their sheets. A huge well done to Y4B, Y5B and Y6B!!! You filled our buckets reading about all the kind and considerate things you have been doing lately. Purple forms are coming your way…



Amazing Art in Y4!


Extreme Reading Competition!!!


  1. Rebeca 6B

    I filled a teacher’s bucket by holding the door open and letting her pass before me. My dad filled my bucket up by making me laugh. 😃

  2. Bobby Bucket

    Uffff I´m exhausted! I´m Bobby Bucket from 6B and I have been so busy since your assembly collecting good deeds and politeness everywhere I go.
    As soon as I was given to Ms Kildea, Mr Fraser praised everyone for sitting nicely in the theatre and straight away, in jumped a warm fuzzy and settled at the bottom. It tickled quite a bit!
    By the time we arrived back at class, I had collected three more: for being in a 4s line, for stopping and allowing an adult pass and for saying ´Thank you´ when a friend helped carry some books. Eva added a warm fuzzy to our bucket because she´s trying SO hard to pronounce the soft ´h´.
    The next morning, I continued collecting at a fast pace. Sometimes, these children are so good and polite that I had three warm fuzzies to collect all at once and I´m rushing around the place.
    My favourite is when children remember to stop at a door and let me through with my adult. That fills me up.
    I don´t even rest at lunchtime! I was busy collecting, as so many children said ´please´ and ´thank you when they were receiving their lunch.´

    I am a happy bucket. Thank you for filling me up.

    • That’s amazing to hear Bobby. I just know you are going to be incredibly busy this year! However, it we be busy in a very, very good way…

  3. Miss East

    We have a bucket in Year 2D where we can leave a lovely, written message for someone! When we read them together at the end of the day, it helps fill each other’s buckets :))

  4. I help every Sunday to fill a bucket by helping people to dance and they are people that don’t have the same possibilities to dance or walk … us as.

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