Happy New Year!

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Write down one of your goals for the year.


Caxton’s Fab 500 Word Competition


Congratulations Carlos!!!


  1. Nuria 6A

    My goal for outside of school is to play better at golf and get better at robotics.
    My goal for school is to get better at English

  2. Candela 6a

    My goal for 2018 is be more organized

  3. Manola

    Take better care of my dogs 🐕

  4. Rodrigo

    My 2018 goal is to be a little bit more organised with my things

  5. Nico

    My goal for the 2018 is to improve myself control

    • caxtoncollege

      An excellent goal Nico, perhaps a little bit of mindfulness every day is a good start.

  6. Carlos 6A

    Non – school goal: play better at basketball 🏀
    School goal : Be less messy in my works at school

  7. Juan 6A

    My goal is to improve my punctuation in writing.

  8. Fran C. 6A

    In school better handwriting and better in maths
    Out of school play better tennis

  9. Alfonso 6A

    My goal is to write better and use better grammar.
    Out of school is to get better at sport ⚽️

  10. Rodrigo

    I’m Rodrigo from Y6-A

  11. Irene L 6A

    Try to get better at art.👩‍🎨

  12. Paola

    My goal of these year is to be a new rep and also to be very good in maths and go to a competition.

  13. Irene N 6A

    My goals these year are : Be confident in the things I do .
    Study as much as I can and try it all.
    Try not to fight with my brother.
    Get better in my subjects

  14. Adriana 6A

    Try to get better at maths

  15. Pepo 6A

    inside school
    Outside school

    • caxtoncollege

      I like your idea of having a school goal and an outside school goal Pepo : )

  16. Apolline

    This year I would like to get better at my problem solving in maths and become fluent in writing in Spanish.

  17. Adrian 5C

    My Goals 2018

    1.I want to get better at music so I will practice more hours on my recorder.

    2.I want to learn more things in maths. I am going to do the extra maths on Google Drive.

    3.I want to try to win the maths competition.

    Adrián year 5C

  18. Sasha 5C

    My Other Goals
    Listen more carefully. I’m just gonna… listen more! And of course, more carefully than before!

    Be a good friend (I am right now, but I hope that in the future better) By helping everybody 🙂

  19. Martina 6B

    My goals for 2018 are:

    1) get better at maths and science for the EPTS

    2) have more friends to play with

    3) get better at golf

    Happy new year!!!

  20. Marta raya

    My goal for 2018 for school is to be more organize and get better at maths. And for outside of school is to help other people and study more.

  21. María 6B

    My Goals:
    I want to get better at gymnastics.

    And I want to try to be as organized as posible.

    Perseverance is the key of getting better!

    I hope I achieve my goals.

  22. Marta raya

    And as well to improve my handwriting.

  23. Almudena

    My goal for school is to be better at maths and my goal at home is to not fight with my brother.

  24. Carlos Ga 6B

    My goal for the new year 2018, I would like to improve a little bit my behaviour during music and to keep studying extremely hard as I always do.

  25. Julia 6B

    My goal for outside school is to organize my time and to do my homework with plenty of time.
    My goal for inside school is to listen carefully so I pass successfully to secondary with a good report from the EPT’s.

  26. Ian 6b

    The goal for this year is to pass to secondary and to be better at maths

  27. Laura A 6B

    I would want to get better at science. And I would want to get my pen license. This are my goals.

  28. Rebeca 6B

    This year the would like to get better at maths and be a rep in term 3!

  29. Yago6b

    I think is really difficult but…..
    Don’t get any negatives.

    • caxtoncollege

      Oh that is difficult but I’m sure if you follow all our Golden Rules and try your very best you’ll achieve it!

  30. Sasha6b

    I would like to try as hard as I possibly could to get into secondary

  31. Marta Re

    My goal is to recycle ♻️ more

  32. Carlos Gi 6B

    My goal for 2018 are : to be more organized and to be a better Person.

  33. Blanca6B

    My goals I want to get better at tennis and pass the EPT

  34. Claudia 6B

    My goals for 2018 are to have better handwriting, to be in the highest level at maths and to pass to secondary with Lorena !! 🤩

  35. Aitana Jorda López 6B

    MY GOALS FOR 2018 🥅
    1: Get my pen license
    2: Talk with more boys
    3: Make more friends
    4: be nicer which my friends
    5: Don’t talk so much at home and do my home work

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