Top 2 Tuesday!

Write your top 2 favourite things about school so far this year.


Congratulations Carlos!!!


Feel Good Fri-yay!


  1. Almudena

    Being with my friends and learning new things

  2. Luis 6B

    My 2018 goals are…

    To pass the EPT’S
    And pass to secondary

  3. Almudena 6-B

    Being with my friends and learning new things

  4. Ian 6b

    My favorite thing in school is art, P.E, music and Spanish

  5. Yago6b

    1. Maths

  6. Rebeca 6B

    1. Friends
    2. Activities

  7. Carlos Ga 6B

    My favourite thing about school is that I’ve got a lot of friends to play with at the playground (as we always do). I also get along perfectly with the people I meet at school.

  8. Julia 6B

    My two favourite things about school this year so far are:
    Being the top of primary so we represent and help younger children and our new topic this term on lights, camera action as we are going to film our own movie and enjoy it so much 🙂

  9. Joan

    My 2 favourite things about school are…

    1. Playground

  10. Aitana Jorda López 6B

    The subjects that we do at class because there great 👍 fun and the other is the helpers helping the library or the little children.

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