Feel Good Fri-yay!

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What is something NICE that you have done for someone this week?


Top 2 Tuesday!


World Storytelling Day (plus a splendid short story from Apolline)


  1. Carlos P 6C

    I am a techno team so I helped Ms McDade to create some folders in Drive and I helped children in my class who had problems with the IPad.

  2. Carla 5C

    I have helped Kendall with all her supplies for class, since she is in crutches again……and in music class today I helped her with her recorder and her iPad. I’m glad I can help people!!! 😄

  3. I helped my little brother to read a book of the library.

  4. Sasha 5C

    I had a gymnastics competition on Saturday and my friend (who also did the competition) failed in a exercise while she was doing her dance and started to cry when she finished her dance. I felt really sorry for her so I ran up to her and tried to cheer her up by saying positive comments and telling her how well she did it. She stopped crying and smiled. I’m just happy I helped 🙂

  5. Yago6b

    I helped at my home by helping make the diner.

  6. Nacho 6B

    This weekend I helped muy parents in all the work at home (made the bed, made the table, helped my sister in homework…)

  7. Rebeca 6B

    I helped my mum and dad to clear the table 😁

  8. Joan

    I helped my mum.
    I helped dress my little brother (called Lluc.)
    I helped my aunty.
    I was friendly with the girl that cleans the house.

  9. Carlos Ga 6B

    I had helped my mother to tidy up the living room, I also helped my brother with spellings and made a picture for my cousins birthday.

  10. Julia 6B

    I helped my little sister to do her homework because she did not understand it. I just explained the maths questions until she understanded it. I explained a question 5 times!
    Then, I helped my friends persevere at school.
    : )

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