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Top 2 Tuesday!

Write your top 2 favourite things about school so far this year.

Happy New Year!

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Write down one of your goals for the year.

Extreme Reading Video

Hi everyone, just in case you missed it the first time.


Our School is Cool!

Here is a lovely piece of morning work from Y6B that definitely filled our buckets yesterday. We just thought we’d share it with you. What do you think? Well done Sofia.


Perseverance – You Can Do It!



Here is one of the videos that we looked at in assembly. Do you have any quotes about perseverance that you would like to share with us? Aitana  in Y5 has one – we hope she posts it, but can you find one too?

Here is Aitana’s – I hope it inspires you all.



Acts of Kindness

Well done to everyone who has been trying very hard to be a bucket filler!  As the Christmas holidays approach we’d love for these acts of kindness to continue out of school too.

Why don’t you try to do at least one act of kindness each day?  We look forward to hearing about what you have done.


Y4 Roman Day at Caxton


Here are a few videos from Roman Day. It’s a mannequin challenge in a Roman style! They did really well. What do you think about it?


Caxton Christmas Competition

Hi everyone,

So, the best decorations will be put on top of the tree and if we have enough it could be a different one each day. It can be a star, fairy, angel or something else festive. Also, a purple form for the best ones. Good luck and get creative.

Extreme Reading Competition!!!

Here’s a fantastic competition to accompany our focus on getting everyone to read more for pleasure. Watch the film below and hopefully you will get inspired…

Here are the first photos to get us started with the extreme reading competition. It looks like Bubble and Squeak are enjoying a good read! We are really looking forward to seeing your photos too.

img_0690 img_0692

Are you a Bucket Filler?


I hope you all enjoyed the SEAL assembly and have been busy filling lots of buckets. Remember bucket fillers are kind, considerate, and generous. We fill one another’s buckets daily by saying or doing kind things.  

We’d love to hear how you have filled someone’s bucket or had your bucket filled.


Hi everyone,

Have you seen Ms Little’s amazing interactive display? Following on from our SEALs assembly, we are looking for you to tell us about any instances when you have filled someones bucket or they have filled yours!

We will send some ‘post it’ notes to your teacher and you can add them to the wall, however please write them in class and not in the corridor. Alternatively, you can post any messages here.

Have a lovely weekend!


The brilliant Bs are the first classes to send us their sheets. A huge well done to Y4B, Y5B and Y6B!!! You filled our buckets reading about all the kind and considerate things you have been doing lately. Purple forms are coming your way…


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