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Brilliant Books!


I vividly remember not being able to put down a multitude of  books as a child. It was almost as though they were metallic and my hands were electromagnets… not hearing my mother calling me for dinner because I had my nose deeply buried in a book… thinking ‘just one more chapter’ before I went to sleep…

Have you ever been completely grabbed by a book? Engrossed to the point that, no matter how hard you try,  you can’t seem to be able to it down? Well then, tell us all about it. Post the book, author and (most importantly) why you loved the book.

Caxton’s Fantastic Primary Choir

Hi everyone,

We can’t believe that the Caxton choir have only had 2 practices this year and have produced such a wonderful performance. I’m sure you’ll agree, they are full of enthusiasm and sound amazing.  Well done pupils and staff!



Here are the first children to receive individual purple forms at Caxton this year! Nicolas got his for creating a wonderful diary about his summer holidays and it looked fantastic. I’m really jealous as he went to the theatre in London to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – something I would love to see.

Alba and Alejandro received theirs for having a fantastic start to the new school year, including being very independent and thinking logically.

Well done to you all. Will you be the next pupil to get a purple form?

Today is Roald Dahl’s Centenary!!!


Hi everyone,

Today Roald Dahl would have been 100 if he was still alive! So, who would be your favourite character from his books or what is your favourite Roald Dahl  book (and why). Please remember just to post using your first name and class so you will stay safe when using the internet. Never use your full name (e.g. John Y6F).

Below is an example of one of his Revolting Rhymes. If you like it there are lots on Youtube.




Here are Nico and Nicolas, from Y1C, receiving the first class purple form of the year! Congratulations to Ms Zullo’s class, it’s for a great start to the year.

Also, the whole of Y6 have been given a class purple form for excellent behaviour in the dining room. We are really pleased that they have met the challenge of having greater responsibility in Y6 in such a positive way.

However, who is going to get the first individual purple form… Could it be you?

Y4 Trip Photos

Looks like fun!

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Caxton Y4 Trip!

They have all arrived safe and sound. Looks like they’re having lots of fun!IMG-20160609-WA0007 IMG-20160609-WA0002 IMG-20160609-WA0010 IMG-20160609-WA0008 IMG-20160609-WA0003 IMG-20160609-WA0006 IMG-20160609-WA0004 IMG-20160609-WA0009 IMG-20160609-WA0005

World Poetry Day

As it’s World Poetry Day today, here is my favourite children’s poem. Also, below is a short video from when Paul Cookson came to Caxton several years ago. We are really looking forward to him coming back next term

Going for Goals!


In Caxton we are all trying to develop our Perseverance!  Think back to what and who we talked about in the SEAL assembly if you need some motivation and inspiration…remember keep trying and never give up!

What is your personal goal this year?

Safer Internet Day.


Do you know how to stay safe when online? We really hope so because it is really, really important, however if you need to find out more, then I’m sure you will learn much more tomorrow or when you have your talk from the IT department.


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