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Wonderful Y5 Fund Raising


It’s amazing!!! Look how much the Y5s raised from their sponsored walk in aid of the earthquake disaster in Nepal. A huge well done Y5, I’m sure it will be put to good use. Please post your opinions here.

Book Suggestions From Diego in Y6D


Here are some book recommendations from Diego. He absolutely loves reading – so I reckon they will be great picks. I will try to read a few during the Christmas holiday! Why don’t you try one?

Thanks Diego


Merry Christmas from the Library!

Library tree

Look at the fantastic Christmas tree in the library!

The Bookbox Bookfair is coming soon.  If you could choose one new book for the library, what book would it be?

Christmas Competition!


Christmas is Coming!


Thanks to the Y6 REPs and Mr Fraser for decorating our Christmas Tree!  It’s beautiful and I’m also loving Cowabella’s festive look!!

We’ll be announcing a Christmas competition here very soon….

An Inspirational Visitor

Mr Posteguillo

A huge thank you to Mr Posteguillo for sharing his wide knowledge about the Roman Empire. The year 4 pupils asked a million questions and all of them were answered!

What interesting facts did you learn?



Science Trip To Secondary

Hi everyone,
Hope you are having a great weekend. Check out the short iMovie from our fantastic science trip to Secondary. A big thank you to all the science teachers, especially Mr Brunell. Please post your thoughts about the visit.
Many thanks
Mr Fraser

Lights, Camera, Action!


Hi everyone,
What do you think about our new topic? Why don’t you share your favourite films and why you like them with us? Remember to check your English before posting please!

Perilous Power?

nuclear plant

So, thankfully, we can all return to our amazing island now. However, Iberdrola plan to build a nuclear power plant, to solve the problem of energy supply on Carnavico, just after we return.

They say that this is the only option, but can you think of an alternative?

They say it will create vital jobs, but do you think it is at an unacceptable risk?

They say it is for the good of the island, but can you come up with a better solution?

Or do you think that it is the best option for us on OUR island?


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