How to Write a Good Comment

When people take the time to write a post, it’s fantastic if you can find the time to write a comment to let them know what you thought.

When you write comments, try to keep these things in mind:

1. Be positive!  Remember to tell the poster the things you liked about the post.

2. Always use correct spelling, punctuation, grammar and spacing.

3. Write a comment that is relevant to the post.

4. Do not include any personal information about yourself.

5. Remember to always read over your work to check it makes sense and is well written.

If we keep these guidelines in mind, our site will be a really fun place to publish our work.

Have fun!


  1. Miss Stenhouse I really really think that if we read these rules we will have the best comment !!!

    If you read a comment after writing it maybe you will achieve the best coment😊😊

  2. Alvaro R 6b

    Caxton is the best school because they try to help you to have the best future ever and they do it.

  3. I Agree to,Caxton is the best school in the world.Im happy to be in this school.

  4. Sasha Ú. 5C

    My goal is to get better at mathematics. I will not give up though 🙂 and my out of school goal is to try and win my next gymnastics competition. Gymnastics is the best 😉

    • caxtoncollege

      Splendid goals. However, this is on the incorrect post Sasha – it should be in the Happy New Year section.

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