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What is Respect?

Our focus on having a positive attitude towards life  has gone wonderfully well and almost everyone now seems to be very positive, polite and are filling buckets to the brim!

So, now we are moving on to our second core value to focus on –  Respect.

But what is it? Respect is how you feel about someone and how you treat someone.
In the ‘Getting On and Falling Out’ SEAL assembly we reflected on how we can fill bukcets by showing respect to:
  • our friends
  • our parents
  • our teachers
  • our school
  • ourself

Please share your ideas and let’s see how many we get!  You can choose one or all five.

More fun for our Y4 pupils!

It’s been a busy, exciting and fun first day.

Y4 trip

The Year 4 pupils are having lots of fun!

Happy Easter!!!

Here are some delightful photos of Bubble, Squeak and some of the ‘Guinea Gang’. We all hope you have a lovely Easter holiday. Don’t you just love their bonnets?


Easter Egg Making in Valenciano!

This looks like so much fun! It’s ‘egg’xactly the type of activity I love doing.


Caxton Competition Time!

Hello everyone,

The blog hasn’t been working for a while, so sorry about that. Hopefully everything is working well now.


We hope you had a fabulous Fallas and are now enjoying being back at school. Before the holiday we had our Fallas celebration and below is the ninot that was saved from the fire. We have it outside our office now (keeping Cowabella company), so we now need a name for this delightful giraffe. Please post your suggestions for a suitable name. We thinks it looks like a female, because it has very long eyelashes, but it doesn’t have to be a girls name. The best suggestion will be given to the lovely, long necked creature!

PS It looks like Cowabella is keeping an eye on the new member of the group in the top photo.

Extreme Reading Video

Hi everyone, just in case you missed it the first time.


Our School is Cool!

Here is a lovely piece of morning work from Y6B that definitely filled our buckets yesterday. We just thought we’d share it with you. What do you think? Well done Sofia.


Perseverance – You Can Do It!



Here is one of the videos that we looked at in assembly. Do you have any quotes about perseverance that you would like to share with us? Aitana  in Y5 has one – we hope she posts it, but can you find one too?

Here is Aitana’s – I hope it inspires you all.



Acts of Kindness

Well done to everyone who has been trying very hard to be a bucket filler!  As the Christmas holidays approach we’d love for these acts of kindness to continue out of school too.

Why don’t you try to do at least one act of kindness each day?  We look forward to hearing about what you have done.


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